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Sep 30, 2010

You don’t need high megapixels for good photography





Sep 17, 2010

DPI and PPI (printing talk)





Sep 12, 2010

$25 gift certificate monthly contest





Aug 31, 2010



Meatloaf recipe



Aug 26, 2010

Leather Cord USA

Amazing Tile And Glass Cutter

Bench Top Cut-Off Saw


Engineering Wonders of the World



Aug 16, 2010




Monica’s Alaska trip


Aug 14, 2010

Resin fail

Gina DeStevens




Aug 12, 2010

Resin experiment giveaway (shark tooth)





Aug 2, 2010



Aquarian Pottery Works

Jul 27, 2010

Bronze clay with photos straight from kiln





Jul 26, 2010

Hadar’s compatibility chart for firing different clays together

Disk cutter

Amber Van Meter




Jul 19, 2010


Dora Schubert

Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch



Jul 17, 2010




Walks in the Redwoods parks

Mehserle trial protest results

indoor grill


Jul 12, 2010






Jul 10, 2010

Thunderbird shopping experience

Copper patinas

Etsy top sellers are supplies



Gabe’s Close-Up trip


Jul 5, 2010





Veronica Smith

Jul 1, 2010

tool sales


Artbeads “Mommy and Me”



Jun 27, 2010




Sanyo indoor grill


Jun 24, 2010

how to dismantle a pasta machine in order to clean it

Up-to-date prices on silver and gold



Humor: class writing project


Jun 22, 2010

artisan jewelry components versus mass-produced imports





Jun 10, 2010

Google analytics, stat counters, adding a customer survey to your paypal checkout process



stuff (and getting rid of things)


Jun 5, 2010




does backstory change the experience


May 26, 2010

Etsy search





May 25, 2010






May 21, 2010

one of a kind



Gabe’s D.C. trip


May 19, 2010

manufacturing upcycled jewelry components

beaded beads





May 16, 2010




pity vs compassion



May 12, 2010

thoughts on elastic



Monica makes it to Nationals


May 8, 2010

Planning out jewelry designs versus doing it on the fly

failed experiment embedding cz’s in silver metal clay





May 3, 2010




Lost tv series


Apr 30, 2010

how to start a custom order

Donna Millard of FyreBeadz

Masaru Emoto: photographs of magnified water droplets



Apr 28, 2010





Kevin Sanderson

Apr 24, 2010

Color names—List of Colors

Tutorial link: removing pet hair from photos with cloning tool



Bear and foster kittens


Apr 22, 2010

photographing earrings





Apr 6, 2010

market research



Bear and foster kittens


Apr 2, 2010

Why I left ArtFire





Mar 31, 2010

wire-wrapping attempt

inspiration—some places I find it

fear of new things (mostly tools)





Mar 18, 2010

things to do and not do when posting jewelry photos





Mar 14, 2010


Amber Van Meter

tutorial for paper ornament balls



Mar 12, 2010



Smuckers whackadoodle on gays (the Johnny Weir story)

fast food nutrition facts



Mar 5, 2010


Alex Maryaskin

Huan Pham

useful auto information—Driverside



Mar 3, 2010

Tutorial link—wire-wrapped earrings

gemstone treatment—Labradorite





Feb 20, 2010

supply cabinets

my work space

cutting plastic tubes for my quote necklaces

balled headpins





Feb 19, 2010

Alex Spinglaschell’s “High Seas” bead

Jewlie Beads




Feb 13, 2010




Chicago trip


Feb 8, 2010


Vena Yvonne




Feb 5, 2010

Tutorial link—how to core a bead with metal tubing

25 piece doming block and punch set


vegetative patients show brain activity, awareness



Feb 4, 2010

thoughts on jewelry pricing

another Etsy rant—keyword tagging


Paper art



Feb 3, 2010

pricing your jewelry

thoughts on artisan jewelry





Jan 27, 2010

enameling on metal

Nicola of Murano Silver


Trivalley 18AA team singing at the airport


Jan 20, 2010


Beau and Shani Barrett from Evolving Creations Lampwork

Interesting facts video (Did you know?)



Jan 18, 2010




360-degree photos


Jan 15, 2010

Metal clay info to share





Jan 13, 2010




fostering Boots


Jan 8, 2010


Toni Lutman of WildWoods Art Glass studio

flower petal light


new Foster Boots


Jan 4, 2010



modern day Robin Hood

plant jewelry



Dec 25, 2009






Dec 19, 2009

Etsy stats made easy—Craft Cult’s Heart-o-Matic


Jennifer Umphress, glass artist

foster kittens Annie and Andy


Dec 11, 2009



unclaimed property search

weight conversions

foster kittens Annie and Andy


Dec 10, 2009



dolphin bubble rings

cat color and temperament


Dec 6, 2009

vent about tutorials





Nov 21, 2009

Monica's first enamel project





Nov 14, 2009

My first enamel pieces





Nov 1, 2009



Little Man—documentary about a severe preemie



Oct 30, 2009

article on silver—"A Silver Primer" by Jun Culp Zeitner


pigeon cares for orphan bunnies



Oct 16, 2009






Oct 1, 2009

$6 DIY photocube





Sep 30, 2009

color combo WORD document


longest goal in hockey history

Roger Federer between the legs shot

sand animation art



Sep 18, 2009

blog for reporting/discussing scam Etsy sellers





Sep 9, 2009

PMC silver prices





Sep 8, 2009




SCBH Ganza hockey championship


Aug 22, 2009

Mr. Peacock

Bronze bead caps and charms



Half Moon Bay with family


Aug 14, 2009

Mr. Peacock

My first (and failed) PMC silver bead caps



More Dartmouth photos


Aug 12, 2009

Measurement conversion link

Wire info link


The high cost of fast food

Old Blog

Clerks excerpt


Aug 11, 2009



Emotional Wiring Different in Men and Women



Aug 10, 2009

Searching on Artfire, eBay, Etsy





Aug 7, 2009




Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land

More Dartmouth photos (Boston Museum of Fine Art)


Aug 6, 2009






Aug 6, 2009

Video link: slip knots in jewelry



Gabe, Ten, guitar photo

Among versus between (a grammar lesson)

Sea monsters


Aug 4, 2009



UPC bar code and country of origin

Blue food dye and spinal injuries


What is the soul



Jul 31, 2009



Gas mileage calculator



Jul 25, 2009

24 gauge wire is not for charm bracelets



New blog

Boston Museum of Fine Art


Jul 20, 2009






Jun 29, 2009

Set-up for metal clay bead caps

dreadful first attempt at silver metal clay bead caps

matching binder dots with pitting in fired copper metal clay





Jun 28, 2009

freshly fired bronze metal clay pieces





Jun 27, 2009

bronze metal clay and kiln

Kiln settings





Jun 26, 2009



threading eyebrows



Jun 12, 2009



Photo contest donates to animal causes

Subconscious solves problems


Jun 11, 2009



the moose on the telephone wire



Jun 8, 2009

colorful bronze clay out of the kiln


gay animals



Jun 5, 2009




The butterfly leaving the cocoon: an analogy for enablers


Jun 1, 2009

the ginormous photocube

Bronze clay from the kiln





May 31, 2009

bronze clay from the kiln





May 30, 2009

Some firing schedules

smart-and-final stainless steel container lids

kiln stands from tea strainers

Tutorial Link: how to make reptile like skin effects in polymer clay





May 29, 2009



dragon guardians



May 28, 2009




Motivational quotes


May 20, 2009






May 16, 2009

kiln and placement of items



my haircut


May 12, 2009

not fully sintered copper metal clay

bronze clay from kiln





May 11, 2009

Jewelry photographed on a mirror



Monica’s Mother’s Day card


May 10, 2009

Copper hollows in their green state



The difference between "simile" and "metaphor"


May 8, 2009






May 7, 2009

two places where you can get a lot of photo tips

the cost of low priced items





May 1, 2009

Copper in bronze metal clay bracelet attempt





Apr 29, 2009

Cool Tools Learning Center



when to pull the goalie

bad paraphrasing and fate—sports if we knew the outcome ahead of time


Apr 24, 2009




fighting for what you want versus going with the flow of the universe


Apr 16, 2009

dremel bits

blue patina

copper in bronze and bad pits in metal clay

Hadar’s technique for copper in bronze

bronze metal clay, polished and unpolished


donating pet oxygen masks to your local firefighters

tapping—acupressure technique that eliminates negativity



Apr 6, 2009

bronze clay quilt debacle

dreadfully unsintered bronze metal clay pieces





Apr 5, 2009

bronze clay out of the kiln with unusual stripes

kiln ash in charcoal

cracking metal clay when working with it

Monica made necklace from Alex bead



Van Gogh painting inspiration


Apr 4, 2009

Hadar Jacobson

kiln with and without metal clay container

firing schedules

clay shaping tool

plastic folder for metal clay projects





Mar 30, 2009

firing schedules

unsintered bronze metal clay





Mar 29, 2009



Qerat (Connie’s friend)



Mar 25, 2009

Lampwork beads bought at my local bead shop





Mar 21, 2009



documentary called Seven Up (aka: the “up” series)



Mar 19, 2009

Rana Mountain Studio—site with gem disclosure and info





Mar 17, 2009

first bronze metal clay efforts

Free Tutorial: polymer clay tear-away sheets instructions

tea strainer (for kiln stands)

firing schedule

bronze metal clay projects

donate to Beads of Courage by using Good Search

donate to Beads of Courage by using Good Search



Mon and Ten sleeping on couch

Sharky, Dar, and Ten at Mom’s house


Mar 16, 2009

Etsy MetalCaly Blog (no longer updated, but good info and photos)





Mar 13, 2009




Video: you are worth the time



Mar 12, 2009

artists and the need to create





Mar 11, 2009

smart beads

Alex’s flat fish





Mar 6, 2009

jewelry making personal crisis

PMC Guild





Mar 5, 2009

creativity and mood disorders

Online Tutorial: making slipknot jewelry


34 symptoms of menopause



Mar 4, 2009






Feb 27, 2009

Online tutorial for making Egyptian Clasp





Feb 26, 2009

price of common jewelry making components





Feb 18, 2009




why I can’t email everyone I want to


Feb 3, 2009




why time flies as you age


Jan 29, 2009

how I organize my jewelry-making process

Figure out materials costs as you work





Jan 26, 2009

Hong Kong sellers in eBay’s U.S. category

over-saturated bead photos



how some people always perceive a complaint to be about them


Jan 25, 2009




spiritual beliefs and your end of days


Jan 19, 2009




people I want to stay in contact with


Jan 11, 2009




Trader Joe’s vegetable masala burger


Jan 9, 2009

the “c” word (copying)


rat loves cat video



Jan 8, 2009




Humor: secrets of a happy marriage


Jan 6, 2009



restaurant report card—rating fast food nutrition



Jan 1, 2009





Princeton Premier Honors Edition Registry